Going public: social sciences and humanities in the 21st century in Europe

This blended mobility CIVIS course will introduce participating students to problematics and applications in the field of Public Social Sciences and Humanities, with an emphasis on Anthropology, Ethnography, Literary and Folklore Studies (AELF). The ‘Public’ here means a shift in the dissemination of the knowledge that these disciplines produce, especially of that concerning issues of wider public interest, from inequalities and inequities regarding access to resources, participation and recognition, to discrimination, racism, or oppression. The ‘Public’ also means to not just work with and speak about communities, but also to actively engage with them, identify problems and work jointly on solutions.

CIVIS Focus Area:Society, Culture, Heritage

Open to:BA, MA, PhD

Field of Studies:SocialScience and humanities

Course dates:1 May - 15 July 2022

Apply by:22 February 2022

Application process: Applicants should send a short CV and a letter of motivation to


Format: Blended (online preparation classes and intensive summer school)

Location:Tübingen, Germany

Language:English (B2)

ECTS:up to 7.5

NB of CIVIS Scholarships:25

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