"Proofs, arguments and dialogues: history, epistemology and logic of justification practices"

"Proofs and arguments have been at the core of philosophy since the beginning. From the late 19th century onwards, the understanding of proofs and arguments has been strongly influenced by the development of modern mathematical logic and linguistics, while in recent times results in computer science have provided deep insights into the nature and structure of proofs and, thanks to the advancements in computational linguistics, of arguments in general. This exchange between philosophy, mathematics, linguistics and computer science has also led to a renewed approach to dialogues, in particular to the analysis of their context-depending nature and of their information-yielding structure".

CIVIS Focus Area:Society, Culture, Heritage

Open to:BA, MA, PhD

Field of Studies:Computer Science and IT, Natural Sciences and Mathematics,SocialScience and humanities

Course dates:8-12 August 2022

Apply by:7 June 2022

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Format: Blended

Location:Tübingen, Germany



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