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Department of Educational Studies


The Intercultural Education Studies Lab (IES Lab) is an innovative Research Centre run by the Department of Educational Studies as the development of the previous Centre of Intercultural Studies, which was founded in 1996.

Its establishment reflects the increased demand for expanding and further implementing intercultural studies in education as much as in relation to all domains of everyday life, as an outcome of the multicultural characteristics of modern Greek society. In accordance with its academic and educational goals, the IES Lab aims at the following:

  • The implementation of research and the promotion of academic knowledge regarding intercultural education studies with the creation of scientific synergies across multiple scientific fields.
  • The professional development and encouragement of teachers and the improvement of educational strategies to promote intercultural understanding and collaboration.
  • The enhancement of the supporting structures and the creation of networks for the inclusion of students from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds into the school community, in order to tackle educational inequality and social exclusion.
  • The provision of opportunities for further academic research to postgraduate students, PhD candidates, and postdoctoral researchers.
  • The fostering of collaboration among Universities, Laboratories and Research Centers, and other organisations sharing the same research and development interests.
  • The organization of scientific conferences, seminars, fora and other meetings, as well as the production of printed and electronic publications.

The Intercultural Education Studies Lab is directed by the Associate Professor Dr Christos Parthenis, who is also head of the scientific team.

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