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Department of Educational Studies


The Department of Educational Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens offers doctoral studies, which are organized and operate in accordance with the provisions of Law 4485/2017.

The Doctoral Studies aim at the promotion of scientific knowledge through research in the fields that the Department serves. Successful completion leads to the acquisition of a Doctoral Degree, which certifies the elaboration of an original scientific research and the substantial contribution of the holder to the development of knowledge in the respective scientific field.

The procedure for the preparation of a doctoral dissertation is described in detail in the Regulation of Doctoral Studies of the department.

Those interested can submit a written application for a doctorate to the Secretariat of the department throughout the academic year.

Application for a doctoral dissertation

Detailed information about the completed doctoral dissertations of the Department can be found in the National Archive of PhD Theses: and in the Institutional Repository "PERGAMOS":