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Department of Educational Studies


Director: Aikaterini Argyropoulou - Assoc. Professor

The aim of the MEd Program is the specialization, scientific knowledge promotion and research development in the field of Counseling, Career Guidance and Lifelong Learning. This MEd Program provides:

(a) scientific specialization in a wide range of research and professional fields of the sciences of Counseling, Career Guidance, Lifelong Learning;

(b) research knowledge and skills, which connect theory with empirical research and practice and contribute to the production of new knowledge in the relevant fields

(c) development of high-level professional knowledge and skills that promote the objectives of Counseling, Career Guidance and Lifelong Learning vis a vis the new, complex demands of contemporary reality and the modern national, European and global environment in the relevant fields.

In the modern ‘knowledge society’, Counseling and Career Guidance is an effective contribution to managing the careers of pupils, young people and adults, while Lifelong Learning is playing an increasingly important role in the education, training and professional careers of people of general and vulnerable populations.

Within this framework, the content and the courses of the MEd program are structured into the following scientific fields:


-Career Guidance

-Lifelong Λearning

The duration of the Program leading to a Master's Degree is at least four semesters.

After the successful completion of the course of studies (full-time), the MEd Program awards a Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in "Counseling, Career Guidance and Lifelong Learning".

For further information, please visit the Program’s website:


Tel: 210 727 7606