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Department of Educational Studies


Director of studies: D. Foteinos – Associate Professor

Deputy Director: G. Pasias – Professor

The aim of this MΕd Program is the provision of high quality postgraduate education in the scientific fields of Policy, Management and Evaluation in Education. The graduates of the Program will be able to work as executives both in educational and non-educational institutions, organisations and services. Their work will be linked to the organizational and administrative upgrading of schools and the effective development of relations and partnerships with stakeholders in the wider society.

Within this framework, the content and the courses of the MEd program are structured into the following two specializations:

-Education Policy and Management

-Evaluation in Education

The Program leading to a Master's Degree is full time and its duration is at least four semesters.

After the successful completion of the course of studies (full-time), the MEd Program awards a Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in "Education Policy, Management and Evaluation", specializing in one of the aforementioned.

A large number of teachers and education executives have attended this MEd Program which operates towards the renewal and transformation of conventional educational perceptions.

Many of its graduates work in public and private education and have participated in Greek and international scientific conferences and research programs, while several others completed their PhD studies.

A large number of graduates – in service teachers - continue their cooperation with the MEd Program as mentors in the Internship Programs of undergraduate & postgraduate students.

For further information, please visit the Program’s website:


Office 547, 5th floor, School of Philosophy

Tel: 2107277609

e-mail: epde[at]ppp.uoa[dot]gr