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Department of Educational Studies


Director: prof. K, Sgouropoulou, UNIWA

Scientific Representative NKUA: prof. C. Kynigos

Members of NKUA at the Inter-institutional committee: assoc. prof. M. Daskolia, prof. C. Kynigos

Collaborating Institutions:

University of West Attica, Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Philosophy, Department of Educational Studies

School of Pedagogical & Technological Education, Department of Education

The Inter-Institutional Postgraduate Program "Digital Transformation and Educational Practice" responds to a scientific and social need and comes to meet the new challenges posed by the digital dimension of the 21st century for education and learning.

It aims to provide teachers with professional development maintaining a high level of scientific and professional knowledge and skills; produce teachers who can actively contribute and participate in the development of modern education systems with emphasis on the effective use of appropriate digital technologies.

In particular, the Inter-Institutional Postgraduate Program aims at the theoretical and practical education of teachers:

  1. in the subgect of learning theories and their application in educational practice,
  2. in the application of innovative pedagogical approaches by utilizing conventional and emerging digital and audiovisual technologies in education,
  3. in the use of tools for authoring and developing technologically advanced interactive multimedia educational resources,
  4. in designing modern learning environments and e-learning systems; and
  5. in research in the field of education within the context of individual and group work and the elaboration of a master's thesis.

The Inter-Institutional Postgraduate Program leads to the acquisition of a Postgraduate Degree entitled: "Digital Transformation and Educational Practice" after the successful completion of studies based on the program curriculum. The Inter-Institutional Postgraduate Program also provides Pedagogical and Didactic Certification as well as Informatics Certification. The duration of the course leading to the Postgraduate Degree is at least four semesters.

More information about the Program:

In the Government Gazette (FEK) of the Program Regulation

In the program site

Tel.: +30 210 538-5312 e-mail:

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