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Department of Educational Studies


Director: prof. A. Kontogeorgis

Scientific Representative NKUA: prof. C. Kynigos

The Inter-Institutional Program ‘Mathematical Education’ is co-organized by:

  • the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
    • the Department of Mathematics,
    • the Department of History and Philosopy of Science and
    • the Department of Educational Studies
  • the University of Cyprus.
    • the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and
    • the Department of Educational Science

Since 2020 (ΦΕΚ 1876/τ.β./18.05.2020), the Program 'Methodology of Mathematics and Mathematics Education' provides the Pedagogical and Didactic Certification to its graduates.

Objectives – Purpose of the Program

The aim of the Program is the promotion of knowledge and the development of research in Mathematics Education. In particular, postgraduate studies aim at offering specialization to young scientists, in order to develop scientists capable of contributing to the educational and economic development of our country. In addition, the Program aims at the development of postgraduate studies of international level which will retain a large part of the scientific workforce that goes abroad for relevant studies.

The postgraduate program ensures all the conditions for its graduates to be able to staff various educational services that require this specialization, such as the Institute of Educational Policy and the Computer technology Institute 'Diophantus', central and regional services of the Ministry of Education and Science related to the development and implementation of integrated mathematics teaching programs in primary and secondary education, etc.). They will also be able to work as trainers in Schools, Centers or Teacher Training Institutes and undertake the work of School Counselors.

Graduate development

Many graduates of the MSc "Methodology of Mathematics and Mathematics Education" currently serve as executives of public and private education, as school counselors, as heads of departments and offices and as directors of Lyceums, Gymnasiums and Primary Schools, given that there are also Primary Teachers who have graduated the Program.

In addition, holders of the MSc Degree who were not appointed in schools at the time of its acquisition, achieve high performance in the “ASEP” competition and are therefore appointed to public Secondary Education, while a percentage of them serve as deputies or part-time employees in public secondary education. Some of them are also assigned to private secondary education and a very small number of graduates work in public institutions and banks. In addition, many of the undecided graduates of the program are involved in the design and implementation of innovative curricula, actions and materials and collaborate with major educational and cultural institutions in the country.

It is worth mentioning that some of the graduates of the program continue in the doctoral program of the Department of Mathematics in the area of Mathematics Teaching/Learning or History and Philosophy of Mathematics but also in doctoral or other research programs of other universities of Greece or abroad.


Postal Address:

Secretariat of Mathematics Education Postgraduate Program

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Department of Mathematics – Office 204 B

Panepistimioupoli 15784 Zografou

More information about the Program:

In the Government Gazette (FEK) of the Program Regulation

In the program site

Tel: +30 210 727 6515 e-mail:nchilak[at]math.uoa[dot]gr

Social Media: Facebook