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Department of Educational Studies


The Educational Technology Lab (ETL) is a research hub at the Department of Educational Studies, School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Founded in 1999, ETL advances knowledge with regards to the design and use of digital technologies in the context of transformational educational interventions and promotes research and practice on innovative teaching and learning approaches embracing computational thinking and digital citizenship. ETL adopts both a silo (e.g., mathematics) and interdisciplinary (STEAM) approach to learning as a meaning-making discursive process.

The Lab maintains an active contribution to:

The Educational Technology Lab is directed by Professor Chronis Kynigos, who is also head of the scientific team. The ETL team consists of academics, researchers, post docs, PhD students, master's students and a significant number of external partners.

Please visit the Educational Technology Lab website.

Tel.: +30 210 727 7783-7508       e-mail: info[at]etl.uoa[dot]gr

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