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Department of Educational Studies


The Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities operates since 2006 and aims at providing equal access to the academic studies for students with SEND, through adaptations to the learning environment, supportive Information Technologies and Access Services.

The Accessibility Unit offers:

  • A register for the specific needs of each SEND Student.
  • Department of accessibility to the built-up area of the University.
  • Transport service for SEND Students from their residence to the University Schools and back.
  • IT support.
  • Free software for SEND Students.
  • Books in SEND accessible formats.
  • Accessible workstations in Libraries.
  • Transmission service for the direct access of SEND Students to interpreters of Greek Sign Language, to facilitate their communication with other students, professors and employees of the University.
  • Instructions on the appropriate forms of assessment of SEND Students.
  • Psychological counseling service for SEND students.
  • Student volunteers service.


Tel: 2107275130, 2107275687, 2107275183

Fax: 2107275193

E-mail: access [at] uoa [dot] gr

Send SMS: 6958450861


MSN ID: m.emmanouil [at] di.uoa [dot] gr

οoVoo ID: m.emmanouil

People with mobility difficulties can access the School of Philosophy from Entrance 4 (5th floor).

A special consultant has been appointed for SEND Students of the Department. They can contact her directly or through the Transit Service:

Angeliki Gena, tel. 2107277926, e-mail: agena [at] eds.uoa [dot] gr