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Department of Educational Studies


The fundamental aim of the Department of Educational Studies is to cultivate and promote knowledge in the sciences of education through teaching and research.

The mission of the Department is:

  • the provision of high-level education in the field of Pedagogical Sciences
  • the education and training of students on issues of scientific methodology and assessment
  • the advancement of Pedagogical Sciences through the development of innovative theoretical and applied research
  • the connection of educational theory with instructional practice
  • strengthening extroversion/ openness through cooperation with community actors and the development of international synergies.

The Department provides its students with state-of-the-art education based on an interdisciplinary organization of studies, including new conceptualisations of pedagogy and sciences of education, which take into account broader social, political, economic, cultural and environmental conditions. The scholarly expertise of the Department Teaching Staff covers a wide range of subjects and scientific fields.

The Department of Educational Sciences grants an undergraduate (first) degree after eight (8) semesters of study and the successful completion of 52 courses. The undergraduate program includes compulsory courses, compulsory elective courses, which are distributed in specific fields of study, as well as free elective courses, internships and seminars. Thus, it ensures that students possess the necessary scientific knowledge in a wide range of subjects and are equipped with specialized knowledge and skills.

The department builds strong intellectual foundations, which enable its graduates to continue their studies in post-graduate level. The postgraduate programs offered at the Department:

The research activity of the Department is directly connected with its interdisciplinary profile and covers all fields of contemporary Pedagogy and Education Studies, strengthening its scientific and educational mission.

The following Research Labs operate as Academic structures of the department:

The Department also owns and operates the Museum of Education, which serves educational and research needs.

The organization and implementation of the internship program for students also consists an integral part of the educational process.

The Department students and staff participate in ERASMUS+, and in the network of public European Universities CIVIS, and benefit from the opportunity of mobility and exchanges in partner institutions abroad, for studies / teaching / training.

The Department of Educational Studies provides students with comprehensive knowledge and academic competence in Pedagogy and the sciences of education; it equips students with specialized knowledge and offers familiarity with the methods and tools of scientific research; and to manage the multifaceted educational daily life within the modern social dynamics. In this context, the graduates of the Department develop a critical understanding of educational issues, reflective ability, ability to take initiative, to plan and develop actions and professional responsibility.

The graduates acquire professional rights of Philologists [PE02 / par. 2 of article 29 of law 4521/2018 (AD 38)].

The possible fields of employment of the graduates of the Department are:

  • in public and private education / training
  • to public and private sector bodies active in educational matters
  • in research centers and archives
  • in European institutions.