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Department of Educational Studies


The Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy is one of the most historic laboratories, as it was founded in 1922. It was one of the first research academic faculties of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. With the establishment of the Faculty of Philosophy-Pedagogy-Psychology, the Laboratory joined the Division of Pedagogy. From September 1st 2019, the Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy is one of the labs in the Department of Educational Studies.

For the last 15 years or more, it has had a strong and uninterrupted educational and pedagogical contribution to society. Since 2014, the Laboratory has taken over the supervision and has successfully completed training cycles, which provided the "Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Sufficiency" to current or future teachers of Secondary Education.

In particular, its programmes take the form of organized educational courses and collective research implementations.  The Laboratory also organizes workshops and conferences. They are addressed to postgraduate students, PhD candidates, teachers of all levels and to any adult who wishes to enrich his knowledge. Emphasis is always placed on practical and experiential applications of pedagogical theories and methodologies.

The main objectives of the Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy are:

  • the promotion of scientific research and the practical application of research pedagogical findings to a wide range of society,
  • pedagogical education programmes and practice, with emphasis on teacher education,
  • the dissemination of pedagogical knowledge to the general public (parents, individuals and institutions).

The distance education infrastructure, which was implemented with own resources, started operating in 2022 in the location where the Lab has been operating since 2004 and is in a trial-adaptive stage. The distance education implementation was deemed necessary through continuous evaluation and feedback of participants. Autonomous distance learning from the Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy opens up new opportunities for innovation, for development of collaborations and, also, for mutual exchange of experiences with other institutions or organizations at European and international level.

Director: Dimitrios Foteinos, Associate Professor

Laboratory Special Technical Staff: Nikos Karatzidis (Computer Engineer and M.Ed.)



Tel: 210 727 7877 and 210 727 7558


Room 546 (restricted access)

Room 535 (office and public reception)

5th floor, building of the School of Philosophy