Transnational history: researching mobilities in the 19th-century global space

"In recent years, transnational studies have gained ground within humanities and social sciences. Historians have also developed a growing interest in this perspective and integrated it in their research. The main goal has been to transcend the nation-state as the main framework of analysis and focus on circulation, transfer, contact and movement of people, texts, goods, and ideas. The 19th century was a period of intense contacts and political, cultural, economic, and scientific exchanges among various societies and regions, exchanges that have not been fully analyzed yet".

CIVIS Focus Area:Society, Culture, Heritage

Open to: MA, PhD

Field of Studies:SocialScience and humanities

Course dates:18-20 July 2022

Apply by:28 February 2022

Application process: Applicants should send a short CV and a letter of motivation to:florencia.peyrou[at]uam[dot]es

Format: Blended

Location:Madrid, Spain

Language:English (B2)


NB of CIVIS Scholarships:21

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